Project Assistant

One World Platform Foundation is Sarajevo based NGO with three main areas/line of action: Internet Rights, Women’s Rights and Trans Tech. We explore the intersection of Internet rights and human rights, globally and locally. Talk and advocate for anonymity, privacy, affordable access, alternative to copy right. Promote a feminist Internet. We Research the intersection between Internet Rights, Women Right and Sexualities and use technology to empower women/girls. We also use the transformative power of technology to increase the capacity and free the creativity of activists, formal and informal group, civil society organizations together with the citizens of the Internet.

One World Platform is currently implementing project “End Online Violence Against Women, Sustain Movement” in partnership with Alternative Center for Girls from Kruševac, with the financial support of TRAG and OAK Foundation. The objective of this project is to enable women rights activists in Bosnia Herzegovina, and Serbia to counter technology-related violence against women, contribute to build and support a resilient network of individual and organizations and engage politically with the internet as a public space.

Currently we have a vacancy for a self-driven, passionate person who is effective in promoting women’s rights and is ready to contribute to the change.

Job title: Project Assistant
Contract length: Nine months with possible extension (2 months of probationary period is obligatory)
Location: Sarajevo
Application deadline: March 23, 2018
Start of the contract: April 2, 2018

Project Assistant Job Summary

We are looking for an experienced, proactive, dedicated, organized and motivated project assistant to work collaboratively with our team on specific short and long-term projects. In this role, you will oversee tasks delegated to you by the project manager, coordinate with all necessary vendors, service providers, partners and generally ensure that the project is moving forward on time and on budget. Candidate will work with the project manager to coordinate and accomplish the necessary project tasks and requirements.

Project Assistant Main Duties and Responsibilities

Implement the Women’s Rights Program strategy for 2017 – 2018 (disseminate and deepen themes/issues; capacity building) and strengthen OWP public role on women’s rights and the internet.
Work collaboratively with the project manager and team to maximize productivity, assist project manager in the execution of the management plan for assigned projects, track and directly report project status updates to project manager.
Preparation of contracts and documents for contractors, consultants and collaborators
Acquiring and maintaining all relevant project documentation
Schedule meetings, phone calls etc.
Organize project events and workshops
Communicate with partners
Co-facilitate capacity building event when necessary
Organize and monitor schedules and see that deadlines are met
Prepare informative, vibrant, current, consistent and high-quality web site content
Review project designs and visual solutions

Vrsta posla: rad na određeno vrijeme
Regija: Kanton Sarajevo regija

O zaposleniku

Znanja i kvalifikacije: Skills and competences required for the position

High school or higher
Previous experience in project coordination
Previous experience and knowledge of women’s rights and sexual rights issues
Previous experience in research and survey is a plus
Excellent computer skills, proficient use of at least one operative system and related Office Suite (Open Office/Libre Office/MS Office). Other productivity and survey software is a plus
Good command of email, internet, chat/VoIP, web 2.0 tools and social networks
Good command of English (write and oral)
Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills (written and oral)
Able to pro-actively address potential issues and problem solving
Able to work independently with little supervision
Highly motivated with a strong work ethic committed to team’s success
Outstanding organizational skills and ability to prioritize tasks
Adaptable with the ability to work under pressure and meet targets and deadlines
Attention to detail, quality and accuracy
How to apply:

Interested candidates are invited to submit their CV together with the cover letter by e-mail to, noting the job position they apply for. The application deadline is March 23, 2018. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

Only short list candidates will be invited to the interview. Criteria for shortlisting are based on general requirements for this position as well as specific requirements, duties, skills, competences and knowledge relevant for this project and job description.

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